Tulip Planting For Your Business.

Tulip bulbs were on the agenda this past weekend and it got me to thinking about the similarities between growing tulips and growing your business. It’s always great to get your hands dirty and get a little under the fingernails. The literal meaning of being grounded.

So what are the similarities?

  1. You’ve got to start with quality.
  2. You plant today for a reward in 6 months.
  3. You can’t plant too deep or too shallow.
  4. You’ve got to feed and water (aka nurture) to build that relationship.
  5. You have lots of colors, shapes, and sizes to choose from.
  6. They need to be maintained yearly.
  7. Bigger bulbs equal bigger flowers.

Anyway, enough about business, I’m sure you get the point. If you have never planted something from seeds or bulbs and you call yourself a business person then there are some great lessons you are missing.

Every April in Skagit Valley there is an annual Tulip Festival, quite literally 100’s of acres of tulips. It’s quite mind blowing to see all of the different varieties. If you have never seen it, put it in your April schedule.

On of the large growers and exhibitors is RoozenGaarde Flowers & Bulbs, their website is www.Tulips.com, with a site name like that you know they are the real deal. This summer we ordered our bulbs from their catalogue and went to pick them up about a week ago.

We got:

We also planted some we had from last year, many different sizes and shapes. Some were fringed and some parrots, they are cool! All total I think we planted over 300 bulbs.

April is going to be Tulip Time at our house!