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The Real RecruiterSince 2010 I have had the privilege, no the honor, of working with The Real Recruiter supporting the top real estate brokerages in North America. I currently hold the title of COO (but I hate titles, janitor/CEO it’s all the same to me). There is nothing recruiting won’t fix in a real estate company! The industry has grown-up on hype and feature-dump and as a result it has a reputation of being right alongside the “Used-car salesman”! OUCH!!!!!

Part of my daily routine is to coach and train real estate brokers to become better leaders, coach and train agents in their marketplace, and become the destination broker. The Real Recruiter provides leaders with the tools to position themselves as the go-to broker.

Here are some features quoted from

  • The Real Recruiter is not just a tools and technology platform, it is a coaching and training program supported by tools and technologies. What does that mean for your? Users can attend weekly live coaching webinars hosted by Jon Cheplak on recruiting strategies and tactics, plus they are archived in the backend of the system in a library containing hundreds of hours of coach that you will have access to 24/7.
  • The contact management system includes notes, comprehensive contact information, action plans for each contact, calendar and appointment scheduling, and progress tracking.
  • You can’t manage what you don’t measure. The Real Recruiter provides intelligence around all of your recruiting activities. You will be able to see all of your recruiting calls, contacts, interviews, and hires either in a global view or for a single recruiter. See every lead source from the front end website, know what email has been read by your prospects, review all system generated activities, review unsubscribe reports, and review complete website analytics.