The Video Recruiter

The Video Recruiter – Recruiting real estate agents will solve any problem your office is having! Agents are looking for great leaders and leadership. Part of being a great leader is the constant quest for knowledge and skillset. Video is quickly becoming the... read more

The Real Recruiter

The Real Recruiter – Since 2010 I have had the privilege, no the honor, of working with The Real Recruiter supporting the top real estate brokerages in North America. I currently hold the title of COO (but I hate titles, janitor/CEO it’s all the same to... read more

Interrupt The Pattern

Interrupt The Pattern – Interrupt The Pattern, created by Jon Cheplak and Amma, is on path to change the patterns of society.  I am lucky enough to get to ride along with them and witness unbelievable growth, change, and inspiration for 1000’s of people!... read more

Cheplak Live

Cheplak Live – One of the projects I’ve spent many hours creating while working with Jon Cheplak is his site If you are looking for ideas on how to create a blog and what you should be doing, then make sure to click on the... read more

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