Online Fingerprint –

Your Online FingerprintWhy do you need a blog?

Maybe the better question is, why don’t you have a blog?

When I was in the 5th grade I wasn’t the best or brightest student, I remember staying after class to earn extra credits by creating some labels for the cabinets in the classroom.  Later I was called out by my teacher in front of the class for a spelling error.  I was demoralized and this has stuck with me for a lifetime.

I’ve been doing websites & blogging in some form for over 15 years now.  It’s changed around, been on different platforms, different purposes, and come a long way from background music being the “cool” feature.

We are stuck in the information age, and like it or not, you MUST have a digital presence. I like to think of it as your online fingerprint.  We are in this era of information and if your online fingerprints can’t be found quickly it instantly brings up questions about your authenticity, credibility, skillset, and knowledge. For most people today there is some type of online fingerprint unfortunately it is mixed in and surrounded by things that for the most part we have little or no control over.

Let me explain; let’s just say your only online presence is Facebook. Go there, take a look.  How many things on that screen that surround your information do you not have control of? If you look at it this way you will find there is more than you even know, it’s all of that stuff we have trained our eyes not to see. I’m not saying don’t use Facebook, it’s a must!

For me the most important reason to create your own website and blog is that it puts you in control of what is on the page. So for future employers, friends, clients, and family you pick the images and messages that are associated with your online fingerprint.  How do you feel when you Google someone and nothing comes up? Do you think ok great there is nothing negative out there about this person or do you think, what are they hiding?

Let’s take this one step further, you must think of your blog as your business card.  Think back to the days before this information age, where did you go when you needed a product or service?  Your Rolodex?  The Yellow Pages?  The Sears Catalogue?  Everyone one of those was a quick, flashy, marketing tool that had products trying to stand out among the sea of sameness.  How did you standout in these mediums?  Color vs. black & white?  A picture with your dog?  A bigger ad?  Price? Did your name start with AAA to be at the top of the list?

See where I’m going with this? If you are leaving your online fingerprint to be controlled by things that you can’t control you are putting yourself in the sea of sameness with everyone else. A blog doesn’t need to be flashy, or sexy it just needs to be YOU!  It should be your thoughts, your ideas, your beliefs, your values, your wants, your loves, your hates, your passions, your skills, your expertise and your voice. Say it anyway you want, in words, in music, in video, in photos, or any other medium that is your passion.

Gone are the 5th grade days of being judged or self-judged for how you spell, write, look, or sound in front of your peers.  We are in an era where “nothing” says lots more about you than “something”!

Say it with your blog!