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Interrupt The PatternInterrupt The Pattern, created by Jon Cheplak and Amma, is on path to change the patterns of society.  I am lucky enough to get to ride along with them and witness unbelievable growth, change, and inspiration for 1000’s of people! Many of my photos are used on the blog posts, quotes, and pages of this site. The thoughts, ideas, and teachings are part of my soul from start to finish and I have tremendous gratitude for both Jon and Amma. Not only have I been involved in the creation of the website,, but also in their book. If you are a human that is looking to better yourself, expand your understanding of this world, or develop a higher appreciation of your daily encounters you should add this book to your reading list! You can order a copy at this link,

Here’s a quote from the site, —

We are conditioned, from cradle to grave, to live in a way that encourages us to believe that we are separate from each other and nature, the truth is we are all connected and we ARE nature. Our misunderstanding of the concept of love leads us down destructive and tormenting roads over and over again.

When you give yourself the gift of looking deeply into yourself; your programming, your life, you can unravel the big lie you are force fed. When you identify the source of your insecurities you are automatically on the road to coming into your true power as a human being.

~ The Interrupters