How to create blog content?

How to create blog contentThere are lots of resources (and I’ll provide a list of some) on ideas of how to create great blog content but I have found that even with these idea lists there are still obstacles for many people when it comes to creating content.  So I want to give some direction and hopefully shift you in to action.

  1. We all have personal demons, blogging uncovers them. For me, I’m not very fond of how I look in photos so you’ll often find me behind the camera rather than in front of it. What’s yours?  Are you a perfectionist?  A procrastinator?  A control freak?  A bad speller?  Too short?  Too tall? Losing your hair?  Not funny?  My recommendation is that you notice this is an area to do some personal growth, pushing yourself through it will be liberating and mostly you will find the demons are much bigger in your head than they are for real.
  2. Find your “why.” I know this is an overused idea but in this case I think it really helps.  For many people they are blogging for business and struggling to create content so for this person the “why” can become quite easy. Thus the why is, “I want more business in a certain area” or “I need income”. Whatever it is for you, spend time finding your “why”.  Typically I find the next step of this is to be the “authority voice” in your business. Let me give you an example from my real estate world. Let’s say my “why for blogging” is to become the go-to agent for “The Country Club”.  Now if this is your “why” you should also have a strong interest in the area, you should be an expert and know everything there is to know about the clubhouse, fitness center, golf course, restaurant, and rules & regulations.  Now simply share that expertise and share your stories.  Give away your knowledge on your blog just as you would to your best friend over lunch, don’t make it complicated, don’t make it about sales.  Sales come to the expert.  :-)
  3. You can’t make a mistake, when it comes to content. (but use your common sense – PG, politically correct, keep it legal) The more you do it, the better you’ll get. Mix it up; you get to create the rules! All of your content doesn’t need to be on the same topic, doesn’t need to be the same length, or even all be written by you. However, I’m not a believer in ghost writing, it needs to have your voice or you need to give credit to a guest writer.  There are some technical rules you should follow when posting, but that is content for another post.
  4. Cheat! Yes I said cheat, don’t copy just cheat. I mean this in a few ways, the first of which is to find a similar blog and use if for idea creation, don’t steal the words but the concepts. Secondly find shortcuts:  use video, use a voice recorder and then have it translated (Fiverr has lots of options for this), or use your computer to transcribe your voice to text.
  5. Now the lists of blog content ideas – these are some great resources for you.

Now go out there, conquer your demons and create your blog content!