Bald Eagles –

I love to watch them be.

Part of living in the Pacific Northwest means that I get to see them most every day! During the time of year when they migrate to the salmon runs I find myself missing their ever present grace. Taking photos of them is never easy, they move fast, don’t let you get too close, and they will wait you out for hours.

This past year Christy and I got to watch a mating pair through the full process of raising their young. If you’ve never experienced this, put it on your “bucket list”!

If you really want an amazing bald eagle experience then the Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival┬áis another one of my recommendations. It’s less than an hour East of Vancouver, BC. It’s held every year in mid November and in one day, in one location, you will see THOUSANDS of bald eagles. It’s indescribable.

I’ll add to this when I capture new images of them!

Bald Eagles are magical!